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 J CELL BIOL journal profile
Abbr./FullnameJ CELL BIOL     Publication support  |  Impact factors
journal of cell biology
OrgnizationPublished by  Rockefeller University Press      ISSN 0021-9525
ProfileThe Journal of Cell Biology publishes papers that report substantial and original findings on the structure and function of cells, organelles, and macromolecules. It is particularly interested in bringing to the attention of its readers new knowledge arising from the application of molecular, biophysical, genetic, immunological, or ultrastructural techniques as they apply to the correlation of structure with function. In addition to continuing to promote the disciplines traditional to the Journal, the Editors wish to encourage publication of papers describing cellular organization and regulation at the molecular and supramolecular levels. Areas of interest include, but are not restricted to, gene organization and expression, somatic cell genetics, cell motility, cellular architecture, membrane and organelle dynamics, and cell differentiation. Papers treating such topics in the contexts of developmental biology, immunology, neurobiology, or virology are welcome, as are papers dealing with procaryotic and plant cell systems. Manuscripts reporting new techniques will be published only when judged by the Editors to represent significant advances. Manuscripts reporting novel sequence information for proteins of fundamental interest to cell biology are encouraged; however they will be prioritized on the basis of their novelty with respect to understanding the structure/function relationship of the molecule. In addition, manuscripts containing partial sequences should not be submitted unless there is some significant biological insight that results from the available sequence. The criteria for acceptance of manuscripts are scientific excellence, significance, and interest for the general readership.
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