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 MEDICINE journal profile
Abbr./FullnameMEDICINE     Publication support  |  Impact factors
OrgnizationPublished by  Medicine Publishing Company Ltd.      ISSN 0025-7974
ProfileMedicine provides insight from leading scholars about the latest results in clinical investigation. Relevant to both hospital and office practice, the journal includes analytical reviews of Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Neurology, Pediatrics, and Reviews in Molecular Medicine. The journal''''''''s timely practice-oriented reports keep you up-to-date about significant clinical observations.

Medicine® is now a fully open access journal, providing authors with a distinctive new service offering continuous publication of original research across a broad spectrum of medical scientific disciplines and sub-specialties.

As an open access title, Medicine® will continue to provide authors with an established, trusted ​platform for the publication of their work. To ensure the ongoing quality of Medicine®''''''''s content, the peer-review process will only accept content that is scientifically, technically and ethically sound, and in compliance with standard reporting guidelines.

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