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 INT J CLIN EXP PATHO journal profile
Abbr./FullnameINT J CLIN EXP PATHO     Publication support  |  Impact factors
International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology
OrgnizationPublished by  e-Century Publishing Corporation      ISSN 1936-2625
ProfileThe International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology (IJCEP, ISSN 1936-2625) is a peer reviewed, open access online journal. It 
was founded in 2008 by an international group of academic pathologists and scientists who are devoted to the scientific exploration of 
human disease and the rapid dissemination of original data.

Unlike most other open access online journals, IJCEP will keep all the traditional features of paper print that we are all familiar with, such as 
continuous volume and issue numbers, as well as continuous page numbers to keep our warm feelings towards an academic journal.

IJCEP is officially archived in PubMed Central (
PMC) and fully indexed in  PubMed and Medline. In addition, IJCEP is indexed in Chemical 
Abstracts and Google Scholar and Scopus. As citation data becomes available in the second or third year of publication, IJCEP will also be 
submitted to the Science Citation Index and other relevant databases for indexing and abstracting.

Since the launch of IJCEP in 2008, several issues of IJCEP have been published online as shown in Table of Contents. We continue to 
accept submission of new manuscripts. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and published online within 2 months after acceptance. If you 
are interested in submitting your next manuscript to IJCEP, please read the journal’s 
Instructions for Authors and visit the Submission page.
WebsiteInternational Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology website  
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