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  • Publication support

    MedSci completes its end-to-end offering in the academic publishing field through its publication support services. As part of the journal selection service, we use online citation indexes and e-databases to handpick targeted journals for your research & clinical studies. In addition, we help yo...

  • Journal selection

    Choosing the targeted journal for his/her manuscript is a difficult endeavor for many scientists and doctors. However, obtaining expert assistance in selecting the best journal for your research is not quite so. At MedSci editing, we select the targeted journal for your manuscript based on our wide ...

  • Journal formatting

    Different journals have different requirements. MedSci can revise the manuscript by changing the structure, rewriting the abstract, ensuring your artwork files conform to the journal’s requirement, etc. However, we will not change the language or the science quality of the manuscript....

  • Figures Design and editing

    Designing and editing figures are often overlooked but an important aspect of manuscript preparation. Many authors do not have the correct software, time, or expertise to create professional figures. We use professional design software to create figures that are formatted according to journal requir...

  • Response letter

    The reviewers have stated their verdict. Your paper is almost ready for publication. You have to make some revisions and respond to the reviewers’ concerns. However, this last leg of the publication process has taken hours of your time and you still are unsure of the tone and relevance of your respo...

  • Cover letter

    We will write a resubmission cover letter for you that suitably conveys the revisions to the manuscript. It will also adhere to accepted academic writing conventions and make the necessary declarations...

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