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    MedSci Institute focuses on
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About Us
MedSci's expertise in scientific research and clinical studies has become the leading academic service provider in China. We expand our expertise to educate in the areas of scientific and clinical analysis.

Our company has an extensive network which includes faculty from the world's most distinguished universities, experts from over 300 pharmaceutical companies, and a diverse group of researchers and medical doctors. We are committed to bridging the gap between China and the rest of the world as well as helping Chinese researchers contribute t o the international scientific community.


MedSci Education

Photo of a couple holding hands.
Developing education materials for specific groups of medical professionals.   More...

SCI Services

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The skill and experience of our team allow you to focus on your core activities while staying...   More...

Areas of study

Areas of study
MedSci editing focus on medicine and biology field.   More...

Clinical Research Services

Clinical Research Services
MedSci Writing & Biostati
MedSci communications
MedSci-Marketing writing   More...

Late Phase Studies

Late Phase Studies
Our expertise in Late Phase Studies helps demonstrate product efficacy, safety and acceptance.   More...


MedSci believe the key to strong e-marketing is a strong e-strategy. We have developed ...   More...
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